About Me

One day, an introverted young girl sat in her high school classroom, listening to the teacher instruct her about things she had already learned, mostly from the books she loved to read. Not being the social type, she decided to combat her boredom – and pretend to be working on homework – by writing her own book instead. That initial story ended up being hundreds of hand-written pages long.

And had absolutely nothing resembling a plot arc.

But the stories and characters have stuck with me – my saviors in times of stress or boredom….or work meetings which are often both. They entertain me, distract me, and both keep-me-out-of and get-me-into trouble. Eventually, they told me that they were tired of being stuck only inside my head. When they started to yell loudly enough, I gave in and agreed to put them all into their own books.

It’s going to take me a while – it’s crowded in here.

When I’m not writing, I wrangle databases, two teenage boys, two dogs, two cats, and a house that likes to challenge my repair skills.