Banished Races of Abaddon


Description: Able to see the dead and know when death will occur. Magical voice that can soothe or cause pain, can be directed at a single person, even in a crowd. Enough magic to levitate.
Banished reason: Driving people mad by ‘hearing voices’ that no one else could hear.
Characters: Regenia (Bas) Bashore


Description: Alternate shape has body of a lion, head of an eagle. Flying magic, but little otherwise. Improved sight, hearing and strength as compared to a human.
Banished reason: Banished reason: Gryphon eggs require gold in the nest in order to hatch. With limited amounts on Earth, gryphons were stealing, hoarding, and fatally defending gold.
Characters: Colin Gavinia, Counselor Erika Hunze


Description: Rhymes with ‘pitch’. Strong magic users. Magic is mental and limited only by the strength and knowledge of the lich using it. Spend much time studying to expand the knowledge base that they use to direct their magic, making their spells more effective and less prone to unintended consequences.
Banished reason: Early onset of power encouraged callous selfishness
Characters: King Eric Lichner, Spymaster Phillip Lichner


Description: Indistinguishable from humans most of the time, but grow in height and strength when emotional, skin taking on a greenish cast. Farmers and builders by nature, they are driven to protect abused or abandoned children by adopting them into the clan.
Banished reason: Traditional form of mourning involved changing into their green form and destroying everything for miles around.
Characters: Chayna (Mata) Ogler, Counselor Gregory Templeton


Description: Specialize in precision magics rather than large, showy displays, orcs tend towards artistry by nature. Mated pairs form a bond where any injury done to the female will heal, while the male takes the damage. However, the female will feel the pain, where the male will not. This weakness was exploited by other races to trap orcs into slavery and force the males to fight.
Banished reason: Vindictiveness towards their owners with no regard for innocent bystanders.
Characters: Counselor Cliff Morda


Description: (Pronounced ‘pooka’) Shapeshifters with multiple shapes – black horses, traditionally. Bringers of either good or bad luck, their magic focuses unconsciously to their intent. Incurable tricksters, pranks can be harmless or devastating, depending on if they like the victim or not.
Banished reason: malicious pranking
Characters: Brenden Chavers

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