Finding My Lich

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He hadn’t wanted to be king

But when he removed the sadistic king of Abaddon, he inherited the job anyway. Now, a thousand years later, Eric Lichner is finally on track to lead his banished people back to Earth. There is one final test of his worthiness to be passed…if only he can figure out what it is. He finally finds his teacher at a charity dinner – but the lesson isn’t what he thinks.

She’d never thought to be a queen

Tamara was living her dream. Her life’s ambition was to help people and her charitable foundation was thriving. It satisfied her soul – if she ignored that one lonely, man-shaped corner. Then she meets Eric and her dream explodes beyond her wildest imagination.

A realm of races banished for misbehavior. The stories of their crimes live on in myth and legend…Except the truth isn’t what you’ve heard.

**Each book is a complete standalone romance with no cliffhangers.

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