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This Writer’s Bestiary is intended to compile all existing mythology surrounding fantasy creatures to be used when writing original fiction. Some characteristics listed will directly contradict other characteristics of the same creature. This is not a mistake.
When contradictions are seen, it is because the lore surrounding the creature contains both descriptions, depending on which source is used.

The Basics

Pronunciation rhymes with ‘witch’, a lich is always a powerful sorcerer. Though other details vary, they are almost always human-shaped– either still appearing human or else having begun as a human, though I did find one reference claiming a shape-shifting ability for them.

Lich King


  • Human
  • Skeletal or cadaverous
  • Heavily armored
  • Rich, flowing robes
  • Ragged remains of once-rich robes
  • Glowing eyes


  • Highly intelligent
  • Very strong magic
  • Sometimes depicted as having imbued their soul into a phylactery to grant themselves immortality. This would make them obsessively protective of the phylactery.
  • Often a leader of hordes
  • Seek knowledge above all
  • Seek power above all


  • Sorcery/magic
  • Levitation
  • Necromancy
  • Immortality
  • Command of lesser beings
  • Soul magic
  • Immunity to most attacks
  • Shape-shifting


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