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The Basics

Pronunciation rhymes with ‘witch’, a lich is always a powerful sorcerer. Though other details vary, they are almost always human-shaped– either still appearing human or else having begun as a human, though I did find one reference claiming a shape-shifting ability for them.

Lich King


  • Human
  • Skeletal or cadaverous
  • Heavily armored
  • Rich, flowing robes
  • Ragged remains of once-rich robes
  • Glowing eyes


  • Highly intelligent
  • Very strong magic
  • Sometimes depicted as having imbued their soul into a phylactery to grant themselves immortality. This would make them obsessively protective of the phylactery.
  • Often a leader of hordes
  • Seek knowledge above all
  • Seek power above all


  • Sorcery/magic
  • Levitation
  • Necromancy
  • Immortality
  • Command of lesser beings
  • Soul magic
  • Immunity to most attacks
  • Shape-shifting


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